About Us

The firm was founded in 1968 by Edwin D. Abrams and incorporated in 1975 as The Abrams Management Company, Inc.

We are seasoned affordable housing specialists with a strong commitment to providing quality housing for low- and moderate-income households: families, seniors and singles.

Our expertise spans a wide variety of subsidies including

  • Section 8
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Historic Tax Credits
  • MRVP (Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program)
  • Massachusetts 13A
  • Section 236
  • Rent Supplement

Today we are a female-owned firm with Martha Abrams-Bell as President & Treasurer and a highly skilled Senior Staff that have all been with the firm since the 1980s – we are well positioned for the challenges of operating in a changing industry and market.

In addition to providing property management services to affiliated properties, our experience and services include Development, Consulting and Relocation for all types of owners including non-profit, government, cooperatives (including limited equity) and for-profit entities.

Staff are well versed in current regulations and hold numerous certifications including

  • CPM – Certified Property Manager from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)
  • C3P – Certified Credit Compliance Professional from Spectrum Seminars
  • COS – Certified Occupancy Specialist from the National Center for Housing Management (NCHM)
  • TCS – Tax Credit Specialist from the National Center for Housing Management (NCHM)
  • CMM – Certified Manager of Maintenance from the National Center for Housing Management (NCHM)

Please contact us for more information about the advantages we can bring to your properties!


The Abrams Management Company, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, ancestry, children, familial status, genetic information, marital status, public assistance recipiency, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran/military status, or any other basis prohibited by law in the access or admission to the Development, its employment, or in its programs, activities, functions or services.

Right to a Reasonable Accommodation

The Abrams Management Company, Inc. will process a reasonable accommodation, upon request, when an accommodation is necessary to ensure equal access to its developments, amenities, services and programs for a qualified person with a disability.  Reasonable accommodations may include changes to the building, grounds or an individual unit and changes to policies, practices and procedures.